Friday, Oct. 18, 2019

Meeting Start: 8:37a

Presidents Report: Litza (on behalf of Faye and Andrea)


  • We’ve surpassed $9K in dues and our goal is $12K! Thank you to everyone who has donated and there’s still time to donate if you haven’t done so yet.

Middle School Application Reminder

  • 5th Grade G&T Priority Placement Issue
  • Parents from PS85 attended the District Council Meeting on October 15, 2019. We are contacting various politicians in the area to voice support for our kids.
  • We have tentatively scheduled a meeting with Ms. Chang for next week about this issue.
  • For non-G&T 5th Graders
  • The deadline to submit middle school applications for current 5 graders is December 2, 2019.
  • For more information, please see the CEC Distinct 30 website or the DOE website.

District Supermtendent's Meeting

  • Held at PS85 on October 16, 2019. Hosted by PS85 for other PA Boards. Thank you to Ms.Marareta and Melissa Bailey for organizing and hosting!
  • The meeting focused on issues facing PAs in the district including Fundraising ideas for PAs.
  • Dr. Composto put forth a proposal for each PA to fund NY Cares background checks for volunteers. PS 85 PA to discuss with the school administration as to need for volunteers and the cost of the service. Projected cost $750-$3000, depending on the number of volunteers vetted.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser Update

  • Paper order forms MUST be turned in by November 1st! We do not have the ability to extend this deadline.
  • Online orders may continue through January 8th and the school will continue to receive the benefit for items purchased online when used with an account that has been set up with our group code.
  • We’ve made $500 so far! Keep up those orders!

PA Funded Grade-Specific Programming

Note that a large portion of our fundraising efforts go toward funding these programs. Thank you for your generous donations and participation in the events that make this funding possible!

  • Art House- 2nd and 5th Grade
  • Audubon- 3rd Grade
  • Rioult Dance- 4th Grade
  • Noguchi-1 Grade
  • PA is exploring options for programs for pre-K and kindergarten. If you have any ideas or know of an age-appropriate program, please contact the PA.
  • One parent works for the New Victory Theater and they offer a wonderful program that could potentially work for Kindergarten. We will be exploring this as an option.

There is now a PS 85 Parents Facebook Group

We are very happy that there is another forum in which parents can share information and build community. We encourage you to join!

  • Please be aware this is not the official PA Facebook Page and any comments/questions regarding PA items should be directed to our official Facebook page. (Cross-posting is encouraged!)

Upcoming Event Announcements

  • Spooktacular Costume Party is October 25th (more on this below)
  • Movie Night is November 15th the Movie is The Lion King
  • We still need a few more adult volunteers for movie nights. Please email if interested.
  • We are not able to have Harry Potter Night this year and are exploring a few other options. All ideas are welcome!
  • One idea is a “Novel Ball” where children can dress up as a book character and we could even do themes by grades.

5th Grade Committee

If you are a parent of a 5th grader and you are interested in being part of the 5th Grade committee please send an email to and we will include you in future communications and planning.

SLT Elections

  • One position is available immediately (voted on at this meeting, results below)
  • One additional position is available in November
  • If interested in the November position, please email to nominate yourself or someone else.

SLT Vote

PS 85 Parent Abi Haka ran unopposed and was voted in by a majority on October 18th, 2019. Her two-year term begins immediately. She will be focused on bringing more outdoor time to our children during the school day among other matters.

Astoria Bookshop Announcement: Gina

Gina from the Astoria Bookshop stopped by and gave a little background on this local establishment. The bookshop only works with schools in the Queens community and is focused on bringing the books back to book fairs. The pre-sale has begun and they will have a table set up at the Spooktacular Costume Party. All books purchased help PS 85 reach its goal!

Treasurers Report: Melissa

Attached Separately

Spooktacular Costume Party

We still need volunteers to run games and trick or treat stations and we need parents to volunteer to bring baked goods. If you are interested in either one please email

  • Costume Notes: No masks, weapons of any kind or fake blood will be allowed
  • Serious Fun Event: There is a small serious fun event that will end by 6:00p so we can begin to set up our event. It will not conflict with the costume party and will complement the evening getting the party started for those children!


Dismissal from the TCU yard

  • Will will inquire at the next SLT meeting on October 21st about the TCU dismissal process to clarify why PreK and K are being asked to use different gates and why the process seems to be overly rushed.
  • We will send an update as one becomes available.

Art or Theater for 3rd Grade

  • Some 3rd Graders are not receiving Art or Theater due to scheduling conflicts within the school.
  • We will inquire about this with administration and enrichment classes start soon where children will be able to sign up for Art if desired.

Lunch and Recess Oversight

  • Several parents brought up concerns with both lunch and recess. It appears there is not enough staff during these timeframes.
  • Since the requirements to become a parent volunteer during school have changed (background checks, finger-prints and specialized training are required), the volunteer pool has been depleted.
  • The PA will be looking into ways we can help the process including supplementing the cost for the volunteer requirements.
  • We will follow up as soon as we have more information.

Meeting Adjournment: 9:42a

Friday, October 18, 2019